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Center Wish List

On behalf of our Center Donations Team and Center Steering Committee, thank you for considering a donation. Your generosity is very much appreciated.


Building Needs
Computer services or support
~ Wifi iPad Thank you!
~ POS System
~ Web Server
Event Hall Venues/Rentals
Suggestions and referrals for renting of halls or venues are appreciated. Contact Lydia Perez - (917) 679-5170.
Furniture or appliances
~ Vacuum
Hall Needs
~ Pillows/Cushions
Tech Needs
~ iPod classic
~ Tascam CD-200IB Compact Disc Player w/iPod Dock
~ Sound Board

Donations can be brought to the Center Donation's Table located at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in New York (230 West 29th Street) on Tuesday Night's from 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Please contact Munish Chopra - Center Donation Department Head (917) 270-4066 if you have any questions about donations or if you need more information about delivering your donation.


Thank you for your consideration
in making a donation!
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