Registration FAQs

1) Why didn’t my payment go through?

We don’t handle payments ourselves, but instead use Paypal for the processing of all payments, both Paypal account, and credit card. Because of this, any error messages you see will have been issued by Paypal themselves.

The most common reasons for Paypal rejecting a credit card payment are:

  • If you received a “Transaction can’t be processed” error message, this indicates that the transaction has been declined by your bank, not by Paypal. Apart from insufficient funds, this error can also occur due to limitations placed on international transactions by your credit card provider (we have an international Paypal merchant account). You should contact your credit card provider to have the international transaction limitation lifted.
  • If you were attempting to make a recurring payment and you received a “setting up your payment profile failed” message, your credit card provider has disabled the ability for you to use your credit card to enter into a recurring payment agreement and allows one-time payments only, not scheduled future payments. You should contact your credit card provider.
  • The address you provided as part of the payment process on the Paypal website may not have matched the actual billing address for the credit card. If this requirement had been part of your bank’s security protocols, then it would have been enforced by Paypal. Re-try the transaction using the billing address for the card.
  • Transient technical and communication issues with your credit card provider’s system may result in various error messages that usually include the word “provider” and indicate that Paypal could not contact your credit card provider to authorize the transaction.

The most common reasons for Paypal rejecting a Paypal funds payment are:

  • Your Paypal account does not have a US Dollars balance and/or you have limited/disabled automatic currency transfers.
  • Your Paypal account is funded by a bank account or credit card with insufficient funds.
  • You have requested that the payment to us be done by eCheque – we require immediate payment.
  • Paypal has imposed restrictions on your Paypal account that may preclude you from conducting a US Dollars transaction with non-local Paypal accounts.

If your Paypal session timed out or the Paypal payment page didn’t load (both of which are common with Internet Explorer) just close your browser completely, leave it for a few minutes and then try again.

To re-try the payment part of the process just click on the original registration link and complete the form and hit Submit.  Simply click through prompts and then try your payment again.