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Siddha Yoga Ashram in Manhattan

The Siddha Yoga Ashram in Manhattan is located in the heart of the Upper West Side at 324 West 86th Street, between Riverside & West End. Located on a charming and tranquil residential park block it's just a few steps to Riverside Park.

The Ashram is open to all people who wish to follow the practice of meditation, attend programs or keep the company of like-minded seekers who are in search of their innermost Self.

It is a peaceful place, respectful of the privacy of all individuals. It is also super-charged with the energy of the teachings and practices followed there.

Built in 1925, the Ashram was inaugurated on August 24, 1976 by Swami Muktananda (also known as Baba), the spiritual head of the Siddha Yoga tradition.

Since its opening, it has been visited by a diverse range of people, of all ages, backgrounds and occupations. They have one quality in common - their readiness to explore the mysteries and meanings of life, and realize their inner truth through meditation.

When Baba Muktananda died in 1982 and took Mahasamadhi (the final merging into divine consciousness), he passed the full power and authority of the ancient Siddha Yoga lineage to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. The Ashram reflects Gurumayi's dedication to continuing Baba's work, and her devotion to serving the world.

The Ashram is comfortable, friendly. Often full of activity, it is also the centre of deep stillness.

There is no formal membership. People come and go as they wish, at the same time honouring the Ashram discipline and daily schedule. You can conveniently access through our event's calendar - SYMCNY Calendar of Events.

It is a spiritual sanctuary for people of all faiths and beliefs, based on the understanding that meditation belongs to everyone.

You are very welcome.

Reach Us

Siddha Yoga Ashram in Manhattan
324 West 86th Street
(Between West End Ave & River Side Dr.)
New York, NY, 10024

(212) 873-8030

Subway Stops Nearby:
86th Street @ Broadway: 1, 9
86th Street @ Central Park West: B, C

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